Whimsy Meets Industrial in the Heart of Denver

Whimsy Meets Industrial
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In 2013 I was honored to design the first wedding at McNichols Event Center, a new gallery and event space located in Denver’s Civic Center Park. The 100-year-old building is a grand, pillared affair on the outside—it was the city’s first public library—but inside, the stripped-down industrial space was truly a blank canvas.

The bride and groom were set on a theme of yellow, which I used to add bright touches that softened and livened the contemporary space. Each table featured a centerpiece made from different yellow flowers in simple glass vases—25 types of yellow flowers in all. Tall arrangements of gladiolas and grasses added height to bars and buffet tables. The bride’s bouquet featured a giant airplant at its center as well as protea and orchids.

Charged with the task of creating an intimate space for the ceremony, I worked with the bride to create a monochromatic background using strips of cheesecloth and burlap. The result was stunning and functional as it filtered the intense late afternoon sunlight that poured through the windows behind the bride and groom. Pulling a single thread on the burlap for a few of the strips was the bride’s idea, and the scalloped ruffle provided a lovely textured setting for a kiss.

Photos by Joni Schrantz


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