Wildflower Rustic on a Crested Butte Mountaintop


Held at a beautiful Craftsman-style cabin atop a ridge overlooking Mt. Crested Butte, this wedding was blessed with a beautiful setting and jaw-dropping views. The bride and groom didn’t have a theme or palette, instead, they wanted the reception to feel like it was an extension of the house’s decor, which was bright and colorful with with lots of vintage details.  I was able to grow most of the wildflowers in my gardens (and plucked a few more from the side of the road) to do all the centerpieces as well as the bride’s and maid of honor’s bouquets.

The tablescapes were incredibly fun as we created custom Pendleton blanket-inspired runners for each of the 15 tables using wool remnants. Each table was named after a place special to the bride and groom, and the groom hand-painted signage for each place. Mismatched plates and silverware were sourced from antique markets, and I cut and sewed napkins from various vintage tablecloths to round out the look. Wildflowers arranged in colored glass vases and tiny pots of succulents finished off the tables and we added hanging baskets to bring more color into the tent. The bride made tiny fabric satchels of wildflower seeds for favors, which also served as place cards.

One of my favorite touches were the cocktails that we had we poured into mason jars and froze ahead of time. We placed these in an old wheelbarrow and as guests arrived, they could help themselves to a slushy that they could carry up the hill for the ceremony. I used all the remnants from the dinner napkins to cut small cocktail napkins, which added a splash of color to the photos (and eliminated nearly all the paper waste!).

Photos by Laure Joliet and Morgan Satterfield


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